Apply for a free short-term homestay

Thank you for your interest in applying for a brief cultural exchange with a volunteer host family to help you get ready for your time at UC San Diego. Please understand that a stay with a host family is expected to last 3 to 6 days.

Answer the questions below to help us in matching you with a suitable volunteer family.

If any of your answers change, please come back to this site to fill out the application again, but make sure to make a comment that it is an update to a previous application.

Please apply as soon as possible, as the number of volunteer families are limited. If you apply with less than 3 weeks before your arrival, we may not be able to find a suitable volunteer family.

Thank you for allowing us to share our hospitality and get to know you!

The Solana Beach Host Family Program

Contact and Personal Info
Name *
For "First Name", please enter your given name or what you'd like to be called. For "Last Name," please enter your family or surname.
This is the single most important question on the application. Please take your time and thoughtfully tell us about yourself. Our hosts decide who they want to host based mostly on what you write here. Some ideas may include: your family, hometown, travel experiences, musical abilities and tastes, sports you enjoy, plans for your future, why you chose UCSD over other American universities, what you are looking forward to in San Diego, what you may be nervous or concerned about, your reading habits, hobbies and anything else that is unusual or unique about you.
Cell Phone #
Cell Phone #
Emergency Contact Phone #
Emergency Contact Phone #
Arrival Information
This is required before you arrive as we want to welcome you at the airport. Please provide this information now if you have a fixed date and time. If not, please update us let us know your plans 3-4 weeks before you arrive. Of course, we know the best plans can shift; we will work out changes individually after you have applied and if you are matched to a volunteer host family.
Date of arrival *
Date of arrival
Your date of arrival in San Diego. If another airport is required, we won't be able to guarantee pickup, however please apply and we can try to extend our hospitality depending upon your arrival details listed below.
Arrival Time *
Arrival Time
Time of arrival in San Diego. (Squarespace insists on us asking you for your arrival to the second...we promise not to hold you to it.)
Please provide any and all details on connecting flight information so we can watch the status of your flights and welcome you to San Diego. Flight numbers and locations are helpful. If your flight is direct to San Diego Airport, please type that instead.
Academic Info
Position at UCSD
Demographic Info
To help give you the best cultural exchange experience, please provide us with the following information.
Marital Status *
Special Needs
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Allergies *
If you have any allergies, provide details so your host knows how to accommodate you.
Other special needs *
Any other special needs like wheelchair access, guide for visual impairment, etc.
Permanent Housing
My housing status is: *
Move in date to permanent housing
Move in date to permanent housing
Based upon your answer above, give us your move-in date if known.
How long do you expect to be in San Diego? This helps us understand how the host family can offer their friendship to you during your entire stay in San Diego county.