Does a homestay cost me money?

No. Our hosts are strictly volunteers who like meeting interesting young people from around the world and helping them feel welcome and settled in the San Diego area. Hosts hope that a friendship will develop and that they will stay in contact with their student throughout his/her time at UCSD.

How long can I stay with my host?

Our guideline is 3 to 6 days. Individual hosts may or may not offer some extra days, depending on their circumstances. But please understand that the Solana Beach Host Family Program is not a long-term solution to your housing needs.

Shall I fly into San Diego or Los Angeles?

We recommend San Diego if it doesn’t cost a lot more than LAX. If you do choose LAX, we recommend that you take the Amtrak train, the Pacific Surfliner, from Union Station in LA to the station in Solana Beach. You can get from LAX to Union Station in LA using the Fly Away Bus.

How many students and scholars has the Solana Beach Host Family Program helped?

Since the fall of 2004 until the spring of 2019, our program has hosted 826 internationals from nearly 50 countries.

Why do you want to know so much about me?

We don’t assign students to hosts. Rather, we let our hosts decide which student or scholar they want to host. The host makes this decision by reading about you, and the more they read and learn about you, the more likely they will want to meet you and have you in their home.

What is the process for getting placed with a host family?

Complete our application and submit it. You will receive an email acknowledgement from our Program Administrator advising you that your application has been received and letting you know if we have any questions or need additional information. The Program Administrator will circulate your application information to our list of hosts. We should know who may want to host you within 2 or 3 weeks. At that time you will get an email from the Program Administrator advising you of your “match” with a host family and suggesting that you email your host and begin to make the arrangement for your arrival in San Diego.

Does the Solana Beach Host Family Program have any social events?

Yes! We have a big fall welcome party, usually scheduled in early October. It’s held on campus and offers a chance to meet many other new internationals and their hosts. We have a dinner, games, and lots of time to talk.

In the spring, usually in May, we have a party at one of the local beaches. After dinner we all enjoy a bonfire as the sun sets on the Pacific—fun!

In February, we often invite to students and hosts to participate in a community service opportunity. This could involve volunteering to clean up the beaches or the trails around local parks and lagoons, painting a shelter for the homeless, or another worthy project.

Apply today for a short-term home-stay. We’d love you to be part of our international community.